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What is GeoΦilos

GeoFilos application aims to shape a new culture on how the user communicates with the environment.

The main component of the two-way link is the location of the user relative to the environment and the location of the environment relative to the user.

By implementing GeoΦilos :

  • User is released from the information discovery process and he is dynamically updated based on his preferences and compared to his location.
  • Environment manages and configures the information, steadily promotes its existence and continuously updates its messages to the user. Therefore potential customers / visitors are being targeted based on how close they are, forming dynamic target groups and aiming the maximum benefit from them.


Expert mode
Designed to provide specialized functions as efficiently as possible.
Optional use of wifi
Due to limitations in providing wireless networks and to avoid unwanted charges for the user, the application works just as effectively offline.
Easy to use
Simple and easy to use, manages small amounts of data through smart filter options available to the user.

How does it work

The operation is based on services currently provided by default on mobile devices:

  • geolocation,
  • google maps

Environment recognizes the existence of the user when he is in specific radius distance (range) and informs / attracts him through promotional messages(notifications).

User who receives the notifications has the option:

  • To view on the map the exact location of the reference point in relation to him,
  • to choose the best route,
  • get information about it,
  • store the location in a "favorites list" so he can visit it later.

Also the user has the possibility to select through "smart" filters:

  • subject areas,
  • interval time,
  • location accuracy.